Commercial Solar

As an eminent commercial solar power system provider in Australia, we pride our expertise in offering bleeding-edge and cost-effective solar power solutions customized for the commercial sector. Our pool of experienced professionals is deft in making the whole experience profitable and enjoyable for you.

Offset your electricity costs with renewable solar energy

Choosing to install a solar power system in your commercial premises is a laudable decision as the constant spike in energy costs does not need to pause anytime soon. By switching to solar power you not only save precious dollars but also contribute to Australia achieving a cleaner and greener future.

Get comprehensive assistance with government rebates

At Ausgen Solar, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive assistance from the ground up. Whether it is choosing the right commercial solar system or helping you with a bespoke solution specifically tailored to your needs, we have you covered.

What’s more? By choosing Ausgen Solar you get access to a pool of commercial solar power experts in Australia that helps you maximize your profits by getting optimum rebates offered by the state and the federal Australian government.

Get in touch with our team to grab detailed information about feed-in tariffs, Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), and Large Scale Generation Certificates (LRECs).

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