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Residential Solar Power Systems Provider in Australia

Ausgen Solar specializes in offering value-added residential solar power solutions to its clientele across Australia. Our extensive experience in the domain makes setting up your home with grid feed solar power a cinch. Our team of experts closely works with you and provide the best solutions in line with your requirements.

Our team makes the right recommendations and takes care of the whole process while you sit back and relax with your cuppa. They perform a thorough analysis based on your past energy bills and help choose the right sized residential solar power system. We have established ourselves as your go-to residential solar power solutions provider for a reason.

For an average house, a 5 to 8 kW of solar power system suffices; however, we do not make assumptions and thoroughly analyze the patterns of energy consumption to render a profitable solar power system that fulfills your needs.

How You Get Benefitted from Residential Solar Power System ?

The Australian government encourages the use of renewable energy sources to curb the carbon footprint. Exponentially increasing energy costs and environmental impact have motivated Australians to make a switch to solar power.

We install a grid feed solar system in your home that helps offset the power usage within the house to decrease the overall power consumption. Choosing to go for a residential solar power system is a smart decision to make as it also makes you eligible for plenty of government rebates.

Investing in a solar power system is a great decision as you can expect returns on your investment in just a few years.

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